NDS, Nude Descending Staircase, the complete series, Faiyaz Jafri

NDS The Complete Series

August 8, 2014

Finally the full series of my graphic novel NDS, Nude Descending Staircase, is now available on the iBooks store. 13 volumes in all. Volumes 1,2 & 3 are now Free Downloads.
You can also get all 13 volumes bundled together. NDS – Faiyaz Jafri
In short, the story is about a nude girl who embarks on a downward journey descending numerous staircases into fantastical worlds.

The story behind NDS Nude Descending Staircase

In art there are numerous recurring themes that have become neo-archetypes. One of the most intriguing is the Nude Descending Staircase.
In 1912, inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic motion studies, Marcel Duchamp created “Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2”.
On a weekly basis, from 2008 till the end of 2012, Faiyaz Jafri published images for NDS, a graphic novel inspired by Duchamp’s piece, incorporating other neo-archetypes.

*neo-archetypes are archetypes that don’t take a generation to form, but occur due to accessibility of unlimited data.

NDS Complete, All 13 Volumes Bundled Together

NDS the complete series, Nude Descending Staircase

The 13 Individual Volumes

Large egg sprouting tentacles in front H.A.L. part of NDS The Complete Series

White nude girl sitting in a DeLorean NDS The Complete Series

a girl on an exploding UFO build out of large pixels, part of NDS The Complete Series

Deformed nude girl with red bubbles, part of NDS The Complete Series

Nude girl on top of RGB cubes

Nude girl jumping down from a Haba block structure NDS06 Nude Descending Staircase

Nude Descending Staircase, close up of green nude girl behind

Nude Descending Staircase, metal nude girl floating above the water staring at her reflection

Nude Descending Staircase, nude girl standing at the controls of a U.F.O.

Nude Descending Staircase, Memaid in white murky water

Nude Descending Staircase, cluster of yellow hands

Nude Descending Staircase, deformed, morphed nude girl

Nude Descending Staircase, nude girl's legs after jumping in the water

Nude Descending Staircase (001-1008)
By Faiyaz Jafri

Nude Descending Staircase (001-1008)
By Faiyaz Jafri

A large egg inside a plastic womb sprouts tentacles. One of the tentacles crawls into a fallopian tube, exiting a bellybutton in a misty forest occupied by ladybugs. The tentacle gives birth to a little girl. Accompanied by a ladybug she walks towards a lake where she mounts the ladybug and flies away.

The ladybug leaves the girl on top of a concrete tower with inner and outer stairs. The now teenage girl descends the inner staircase. At the bottom gravity rotates 180 degrees and she descends the outer staircase onto a mirror-surfaced plateau. The girl, now an adult, takes an elevator down to a subway station. A chrome Thomas-the-Tank-Engine takes her to the end of a white-tiled world, where a giant boy picks up the train and throws it away.

The train crashes on a polkadot floor. The girl descends an erratic spiral staircase through one of the polkadots. The staircase leads to a corridor, which takes her to the cockpit of a spaceship. She merges with the spaceship, enters into hyperspace and lands on a sulfuric planet.

The girl drives a DeLoren to the edge of a canyon. The DeLorean flies down revealing that eight large statues of kneeling naked women support the landing platform. The girl lands behind another large statue of a naked woman sitting on top of a descending yellow brick road. She puts on a pair of red high heels and walks down the yellow brick road. At the end she climbs down structures resembling the video games Q-Bert, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. She flies away on a red 8-bit U.F.O.. Galactus destroys the U.F.O. and she teleports away.

She materializes in John Lautner’s Elrod House. She walks into the desert, climbs down a dead Sarlacc and slides down its esophagus. In the belly she descends a chrome escalator and descends a marble staircase, supported by Ionic pillars, into a long narrow room with a tiny door. She climbs through the tiny door and finds herself on top of a small green planet with large daisies. She descends a staircase that runs from the North to the South, where she climbs down a long rope ladder onto a floating green pyramid. She navigates an airborne zodiac to a large toadstool forest. She steps on one of the toadstools and gets infused with hallucinogenic particles and deforms. She merges with one of the mushrooms and falls down a glass chimney into a glasshouse and dies.

Another version of the girl cuts herself out of the dead body. She walks out of the glasshouse, down a RGB lit rotating staircase into a room with descending random RGB colored cubes. At the bottom of the room she sinks with a cube into a dark lake. She dives into the lake and into a black void, through a ceramic CMYK construct landing on a building made out of colored blocks. A giant naked woman walks by and makes the structure collapse and our heroin crashes on the ground. Following the giant she encounters a square pit with a staircase. She descends it and arrives on the lower back of a giant nude woman. She descends a staircase that starts between the buttocks and spans between the upper legs. On the ground the girl evaporates into thin air. Her molecules restructure into a female shaped chrome spaceship.

Inside the head of the spaceship sits a green nude girl. The space ship lands on top of the New York World Trade Center. The green girl exits the spaceship and enters the building through the roof exit. She falls through a hole into a tree. She jumps out of the tree and as she touches the floor she turns into a tree. One of her roots pushes through the floor and the ceiling below. The root secretes drops of mercury that grow into a human form, falls on the floor and leaks through to the next floor. The mercury turns into blue plastic and flows through a funnel transforming into a large nude blue girl. The floor collapses under her weight and she slides down a concrete tunnel. At the end of the tunnel her body stretches down to a cracked orange landscape. She turns transparent and walks into a hill where her skin mimics the orange cracked surface. Inside the hill she descends a spine like spiral staircase. At the end she dives into a dark void and her skin turns into hot melted iron. She falls through a black metallic liquid descends another staircase and walks through a large golden magic mirror.

She enters a flat world with clear blue skies. Her skin is normal. She descends a large staircase construction, enters a large empty surface, where she walks to the edge, which is the façade of a New York downtown tenement building. She climbs down the fire escape and enters an apartment through a window. She walks through the apartment passing a life-size golden vibrator, exits the place, and descends to the basement of the building. In the basement she finds a U.F.O. hangar and flies away in one into an artery. Exiting the artery the U.F.O. enters a microbial world with large carnivorous polyps. One of these polyps eats the U.F.O. Inside the polyp the girl gets out of the U.F.O. and gets stabbed by a humongous pointy tentacle. Her dead body morphs with the polyp, which transforms into a head with four faces and explodes into a white nothingness.

A white haired mermaid appears in laboratory beaker on an electric heater. With her laser eyes she cuts a hole in the beaker and escapes, falling down a filing cabinet. A handle on one of the drawers breaks her fall, and she breaks in half. The top part of the mermaid sprouts tentacles at the cut and bore them selves into the floor. The tentacles grow inside what appears to be mammary glands.

We zoom out from a close-up of a nipple. A nude girl descends a staircase made of pillars on a white circular island in a black ocean. As she stands at the edge of the island she gets eaten whole by a large yellow orb with teeth. The orb disappears into the black ocean.

The girl forces her way out of the orb, falling on top of colorful ghosts. She falls through a pink one, turns pink herself and flies away on top of a yellow ghost following a path marked by white boxes. The yellow orb attacks her again; she jumps on top of it and sticks her head in it. She now has a large yellow orb for a head and starts to divide into multiples, fold into a kaleidoscope until she is just a large eye. The eye belongs to a yellow bald nude girl, stuck in the head of a larger yellow nude bald girl, stuck in the head of a larger pink nude bald girl. This girl has got her feet in the eyes of an even larger pink nude bald girl with the head of a pink nude bald girl’s head sticking out of her belly button. This girl falls out off the back and flies into space and dives through a yellow star-shaped portal.

The pink girl flies toward a maze of green plumbing tubes and enters the maze. As she exits the tube her head goes into an angry looking bombshell and she races down a rainbow colored rollercoaster like path. At the end of the path she descends a long staircase and dissolves into orbs, which morph in viscous blobs, which morph into a bubble girl. The bubble girl descends a spiral staircase, which appears out of nowhere. At the bottom of the staircase, the girl floats away with her bubbles preventing her from crashing down. But the bubbles get detached and the girl falls and crashes on a pink rough orb and sinks into it.

A large Miss Mouse grabs the pink orb and pushes it into a meat grinder and manually grinds it into long pink strands.
A Real Horrorshow Miffy with one eye floats up from a white-bricked circular chimney. One of the strands worms itself into the eye of the Real Horrorshow Miffy.

The strand, which is now a large pink meaty tube, pierces through the ceiling of a New York tenement apartment, goes out of the front door and deposits a nude girl on the staircase. She walks one floor down and enters an apartment. There she helps a miniature version of herself into a golden vibrator with a spiral staircase. She stabs the vibrator in an amorphous blob with brown eyes that sits in the sink. The girl reaches the bottom of the staircase inside the vibrator. She exits the vibrator and climbs down a white tiled cervix. In the womb she embraces her mirror image, which liquefies. The womb shifts position and she falls in a fallopian tube, dissolves in the ovary and disappears through a drain hole.

A woman sits in a bathtub in a deserted public pool. Out of the faucet comes a water stream with the face of a girl at the tip. The water stream penetrates the woman’s body through the bellybutton. Transgender spermatozoa race down the water stream, into a white plastic cervix, while fighting and kicking each other. Only one survives and reaches the womb where it merges with a large egg.

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