Faiyaz Jafri, Neo-Archetypes & Hyper-Unrealism

Born in the Netherlands and of Pakistani descent, Fayaz Jafri is an artist, curator, and educator based in New York. He studied at the Technical University of Delft (MSc) and is self-taught as an animation artist and music composer. His work has been exhibited in the form of print, paintings, video installations, animations, and life-size sculptures all over the world. Jafri’s award-winning films have been screened at prestigious festivals and museums, and he has worked for commercial clients including, IBM, Coca-Cola, and Ford. He is the founder and curator of the Third Culture Film Festival in Hong Kong and a part-time professor at Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, and Queens College in New York.

Faiyaz’s work is a hyperbolized reflection of the tropes of popular media. It takes the cliches of society and pushes their aesthetics into the hyper-unreal. Jafri utilizes intertextuality to explore modern archetypes; the result is an introspective and amplified remixed visual language, legible but not readily understandable. The work engages in a dialogue with the familiar and does not shy away from confrontation.



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  1. martin pyper says:

    he lieve faiyaz
    ik had het net over je met iemand en moest dus aan je denken, alles goed daar? laat weten als je in NL bent lijkt me fezellig om een biertje te denken grt Martin

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