April 15, 2015

10 Artworks @ 10 seconds each on 5 LED screens for 2 months A program of motion-based artworks commissioned by Denver Digerati in 2014 Denver Digerati commences our 2015 season of exclusive public programming with the “Ten-second Film Festival,” a concept that has been brewing ever since the introduction of the first LED screen in the Denver Theatre District back in 2010. The Ten-second Film Festival will activate all five of the District’s LED screens with digital animations and motion-art by leading artists from around the world. The brief duration is derived by the screen protocol which limits all content to 10-seconds, presented in a rotation that repeats on a quick cycle throughout the day. Denver Digerati has selected ten artists, eight of whom have supported our unique Friday Flash programs in the past three years, commissioning each to create a unique 10-second artwork that will enter the screen rotations from May 1st through the end of June. The effort presents a much needed respite from commercial programming that dominates the screens throughout the year, and also serves as a precursor for our upcoming Friday Flash programs that will commence in June. Artists who have been commissioned for the inaugural 10-second Film Festival are: Jake Fried (Boston, MI) - Evan Mann (Denver, CO) - Faiyaz Jafri (Hong Kong) - Max Hattler (Hong Kong) - Laleh Mehran (Denver, CO) - Sin Young Kim (New York, NY) - Barry Whittaker (Toledo, OH) - Michael Pelletier (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Emilia Forestreuter (Berlin, Germany) - Milton Croissant III (Brooklyn, New York)

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