Nude Descending Staircase, close up of mercury head

NDS08 Nude Descending Staircase

March 8, 2015

The tree turned protagonist pushes one of her roots through the floor and the ceiling below. The root secretes drops of mercury that grow into a human form, falls on the floor and leaks through to the next floor. The mercury turns into blue plastic and flows through a funnel transforming into a large nude blue girl. The floor collapses under her weight and she slides down a concrete tunnel. At the end of the tunnel her body stretches down to a cracked orange landscape. She turns transparent and walks into a hill where her skin mimics the orange cracked surface. Inside the hill she descends a spine like spiral staircase. At the end she dives into a dark void and her skin turns into hot melted iron. She falls through a black metallic liquid descends another staircase and walks through a large golden magic mirror.

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Nude Descending Staircase, blue girl Smurf in a hole

Nude Descending Staircase, the Thing

Nude Descending Staircase

The story behind NDS08 Nude Descending Staircase

In art there are numerous recurring themes that have become neo-archetypes. One of the most intriguing is the Nude Descending Staircase.
In 1912, inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic motion studies, Marcel Duchamp created “Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2”.
On a weekly basis, from 2008 till the end of 2012, Faiyaz Jafri published images for NDS, a graphic novel inspired by Duchamp’s piece, incorporating other neo-archetypes.
This book is the eight one in a series of 13 volumes of the NDS saga.

*neo-archetypes are archetypes that don’t take a generation to form, but occur due to accessibility of unlimited data.

NDS08 Nude Descending Staircase
A graphic novel by Faiyaz Jafri
Published: March 26, 2014
Pages: 99
Size: 68.7 MB

Nude Descending Staircase, close up of mercury nude falling in mercury

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